You should carry only that much money with you in cash format that you will require for initial week only. All remaining money you should carry in travelling cheque format which you can in cash from any bank.

If you are travelling on student visa, we may help booking your accommodation at universities or college hostel. We maintain our network of student who has gone to different countries on student visa and we also can give their contact details that can also help to find right accommodation. If you are travelling on any other visa, you will either have to book hotel or arrange through any relative you may have.

yes, you may provide you are eligible for work permit scheme of relevant country. Different countries have different policies, so kindly visit our office and get a benefit of free counselling.

Yes, Most visa policies allow you to invite your spouse to live with you. You may apply for their visa at the same time as your application or at later stage as well.

You may represent all documents related to liquid assets. However, you must need to show certain liquid money in your or your parents or sponsor bank account and for that you will have to represent bank statement. You may also apply for student loan and represent loan sanction letter to visa office.

The course for which you wish to pursue higher education is completely depends upon your choice; however we may guide you according to study profile. Each country has many Institutions at different location, with different resources and fee structure. Also education institutes are of different category so you will have to choose one right for you as per your personal criteria; although we can definitely guide you on this. Most effective way for this is to visit individual institution website.

Yes, Provided you become eligible for permanent resident visa as per relevant country visa policy.

Permanent resident visa allow you stay in that country for life without any condition. You may study, travel, work without any restriction and in most country you are eligible for almost every benefits that country give to their citizen. It is just that you will not be Citizen of that country and you would not have passport of that country.

Yes, You are eligible for most of the universities and college in most country.

There are lots of courses like Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacist, Dental and Medical as well in different levels. You might have to score English examination in order to qualify for admission.

Yes, You can, provided you will have to justify the study gaps explaining what you have been doing during that period.

It is policy of every country not to prejudice in order to approve visa application regardless of how many times you have been rejected in which country. Yes but you will have to declare that in the application form you fill.