IELTS Exam Days

Choose convenient time period for test

Many students choose the date of IELTS exam during holidays or a vacation season, as a result of it; they are not capable to take a continuous three hours exam session. Sometimes it may cause lack of concentration in reading or writing test. You have to change yourself into an exam condition which allows you to active your mind on the day of exam. You should sleep well before the date of test which can help to relax your body. You should take cup of coffee or tea, but do not take heavy breakfast which may cause you feel sleepy during the exam.

You can bow to your parents and pray the god as per Indian tradition which can augment your confidence.

What’s about concentration?

In the examination hall, you should not pay attention to your surroundings. If you are one of them who get distracted with coughing and loud pencil writing, please take earplugs. You should take sweater to protect yourself from central air conditioning system with low temperature. Never try to copy from others which may alleviate your confidence though your answers are correct.

Control on Fear

Anyone should control his own fear which may result in serious mistake in answer sheet i.e. mingling of answer numbers especially in reading. Stress may come from the thought of getting undesirable score which should not be present during the exam. You must not think about reappearing IELTS exam during test.

What should be taken with you?

You must take essential stationery with you like pencils, erasers, sharpener etc. You must be present with your valid original passport and one photocopy of the same (black and white or colour) at test venue. You may not allow wearing watch.

What’s about speaking module?

You should appear this module in formal attires, because we know that “fashion changes, but style remains”. Confidence can be proven as game changer in this module, so you must enhance your confidence level by hook or crook. Eye contact is very essential it means you should try to detect the retina color of examiner. You must talk in polite manner throughout the module. Your body language can help you to improve your score. You are allowed to correct your own mistakes during speaking, but it should not interrupt your flow. You can request examiner to paraphrase any question, if you have any doubt.

At the end!!!

You must believe that “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Best of Luck!!!!