Think Poland!!!

In Poland students are allowed to work in their entire curriculum. Up to now international students are not allowed to work in Poland without work permit especially in holidays but as per new rules they are allowed to work throughout year though they have not work permit.  They are allowed to work as a guest lecture.

For education in Poland, you have required second level education from your own country in order to get admission in Polish University. You also required medical certificate which ensures you are fit to study in your chosen field. The health service in Poland is not free to public so you should have insurance policy to cover any illness as well as accident situation.

Students have to apply for temporary residence card before visa expiry date during their legal stay in Poland, which can be renewed on regular interval. This card helps to cross the polish border as many times as student wish with it.

Foreigners who are legally resident in Poland for a certain length of time are allowed to apply for citizenship of Poland. Different factors are also considered for eligibility.

On the economy point of view, GDP rate of Poland has been nearly 5% in past few years. Employment opportunities are also augmented. The wages of polish professionals have been growing up to 15% annually.


  • Over 50% polish people can speak English.
  • You can learn in English, French, Polish, and German.
  • Polish education has lower cost of study compare to other countries.
  • Diverse culture including other European tradition.
  • Reasonable entry requirements.