Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

When you are planning to travel to Australia for the purposes like spending holidays, recreation or paying a visit to your family or friends other than business or medical treatment, you need to apply for the Australian Subclass 600 Visitor Visa. Your application needs to be filed outside Australia as you are residing outside Australia and in the same way you must be outside Australia for the visa to be granted.

Rules to be followed before you apply for the Aussies Visitor Visa:

  • First of all, it needs to be clear that If you are in Australia with a Visitor visa or a Working Holiday Visa, you are eligible to extend your stay in Australia up to 12 months or less than that.
  • In case, you have a Visitor or a Working Holiday Visa for your stay in Australia for 12 months, you are required to contact the nearest Australian Visa Office before applying another visa.
  • Now if you have a Tourist Visa subclass 676, it will be valid and effective for the period you were granted the visa for. Moreover, the same will come to an end if you are given a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600).
  • Needless to mention that you should not apply for this visa if you intend to visit for medical treatment or merely to transit through Australia.
  • In case of getting a new passport, you are required to get the new passport before you apply for your visa. It is imperative that you along with your family members must have valid passports prior to this visa to be granted.

What is the Cost Of Australian Tourist Visa?

  • There is an application charge for this visa applicable according to the current fees as per the norms.
  • Normally, you will not get any refund of the visa application charge in case
    • if you apply for the visitor subclass 600 visa whereas you are eligible to a cheaper visa or
    • your visa application has been refused or withdrawn.
  • You are required to borne the other costs such as;
  • Health assessment costs
  • Police Certificates Costs
  • Any other certificate Costs or Tests.

How many times this Visa lets you visit Australia:

The purpose of granting this visa to you is solely for spending your holidays or paying a visit your family or friends.

  • The experienced and well trained team at Orbit Immigration will help you know how many times you can enter Australia on this visa:
  • You get entry in Australia only once with this visa. If you have already returned after paying your visit to Australia, you need to apply for a new visa again if you wish to re-visit Australia.
  • You are free to travel to and from Australia for irrespective length of time during the validity and continuity of your visa but the total time spent by you in Australia should not be more than the period of your stay in Australia you have been granted for.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Australian Visitor Visa:

You are required to comply with the following requirements for your visa to be granted.

  • You must meet the health and character requirements
  • You should have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Australia
  • It is imperative that your visit to Australia is as a genuine visitor/ a tourist, or for recreation or to visit your family and friends.
  • You need to be outside Australia while your visa is granted.
  • If the purpose of your visit to Australia is to pay a visit to your family, Orbit Team will intimate you whether you require any sponsorship or a security bond at the time of the application of your visa.
  • You are required to have a health insurance cover for the period of 12 months.

Visitor visas for parents of Australians:

It has been felt that there has been a long waiting in case of the permanent Parent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 103) along with the longing of the parents to meet and live their families in Australia. Considering this scenario, the Australian government has been more generous in respect of Visitor Visa for parents of Australians. In order to be automatically eligible for this visa, you should be a parent or step-parent of;

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen.

Note that the applications for this visa is evaluated on an individual case to case basis and the visa is granted which lasts up to:

  • Five years for parents outside Australia who are in the Parent (Migrant) visa (subclass 103) queue
  • Three years for parents outside Australia who have had a previous Australian visa and complied with the visa conditions, and either:
    • have not applied for a Parent visa
    • have applied for a Parent visa (subclass 103) but are not yet in the Parent visa queue
  • 18 months for parents who have not previously traveled to Australia and either:
    • have not applied for a Parent visa
    • have applied for a Parent visa (subclass 103) but are not yet in the Parent visa queue.

However, three important conditions are required to be complied with in respect of this visa:

  • Maximum 12 month stay in 18 months: You cannot stay in Australia for more than 12 months on any visit or for more than 12 months in any 18-month period.
  • Health insurance: You must maintain fully comprehensive health insurance while you are in Australia. You could be asked to provide evidence of 12 months health insurance cover when you apply. Reciprocal health arrangements are not adequate to meet this requirement.
  • No further stay: You cannot apply for a new visa while you are in Australia. You must leave Australia not later than the date on which your visa ends, except in extremely limited circumstances.

Health Requirements: You are required to comply with the following health requirements:

  • The required health examinations largely depend on
    • The results of your health examinations are generally valid for 12 months.
    • Your personal circumstances, including your period of stay
      Country of citizenship,
    • Time spent in another country during the last five years
      Your intended activities in Australia.
    • You can also organise your health examinations upfront before lodging a visa application.
    • You are responsible for all your health costs while you are in Australia.
    • Mind well, you are not entitled to Australia’s national health scheme (Medicare) unless your country has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia.

Hence, we, at Orbit Immigration, always suggest our clients to buy a health insurance each time they travel to Australia.

Character requirements for Australian Visitor Visa:

You are required to fulfil the following Character Requirements:

  • You are required to submit a police certificate from the number of countries you have lived in for the past 12 months or more during the last 10 years from the date you turned 16 years of age.
  • There should be no outstanding on your part to the Australian Government.
  • Nor you should have arranged to repay any outstanding amount to the Australian Government prior to the granting of this visa.
  • You are also required to submit bio-metrics (a scientific form of identification) as a part of your application as the bio-metrics program includes more information relating to the countries and visa sub-classes.

Prepare Your Documents to Get Australia Visitor Visa

The following matters are crucial to be kept in mind while preparing your documents:

  • What makes your visa application one sure shot go is the documentation you prepare to prove the claims you make in the application. You will find the list of the documents in the Documents Checklist needed with your application.
  • It is advisable for you to keep all your documents ready prior to applying for the visa as some documents take more time to obtain. It will reduce the processing time of your application.
  • The visa granted to your under this category is merely a temporary visa. Hence it will be advisable for you prepare and provide additional documents if you belong to a country with high rate of Visitor Visa Non-compliance. It must be ascertained from your documents that your intention is to comply with the conditions of the visa.
  • What is unique about Orbit Australian Visitor Visa Services is that we, at Orbit Immigration, follow MNRR (Modified Non-Return Rate). MNRR is a statistical graph indicating the proportion of people from different countries visiting Australia on a Visitor Visa but fail to leave Australia before their visa expires as compared to that with the people with certain other visas granted during their stay in Australia.
  • Thus with sound working on MNRR, Orbit can help you know the likely compliance and the level of scrutiny applicable to your visa application.
  • Hence we insist our clients to provide the documents as outlined in the visa application to convince the concerned authority about your intention if you belong to a country with a high rate of Visitor visa non-compliance.

After you have applied for Australian Visa

Orbit Immigration has been acclaimed for their matchless Visa and Immigration services by more than 2000 clients from across the country. Here we are to assist you in this phase in the following matters relating to Documents, Changes in the circumstances, and withdrawal of your visa application:

    • Having lodged your Australian Visitor Visa application and documents, a member of our company will intimate you about any updates that we receive.
    • The processing of your application may take longer time than expected if;
        • Character or health checks (including x-rays) are required.
        • Your application is incomplete in terms of particular details.
    • It would be advisable for you NOT to travel to Australia until and unless you get a written intimation that you have been granted a visa to Australia.
    • It is very important for you to let us know about any change is there in respects of
      • A new residential address
      • A new passport
      • A pregnancy or a birth of a child
      • A marriage or de facto relationship
      • A divorce or a separation
      • A death in your family
    • For any of the purposes mentioned above you can use either of the following forms:
      • Form 929 Change of address and/or passport details— if you move to a new address or change your passport
      • Form 1022 Notification of changes in circumstances— if there are other changes in your circumstances.
    • If you fail to provide us with the details of any new passport issued to you, it is sure to result in an unexpected any length of delays at the airport and along with a denial of permission to board your plane.
    • Withdrawal of the visa application can be possible at any time before the decision thereof is made by the concerned authority. In order to withdraw you application, you need to follow the following steps,
      • A letter or an email to the authority asking for the withdrawal of the visa application.
      • The withdrawal letter should contain the full name and date of birth of the applicant, the number allotted to the applicant be it a file reference number, client ID number or a Transaction Reference Number .
      • In case of the person of the age of 18 or more, he needs to sign the letter of withdrawal or to send a separate email for the same.

Visa decision

Orbit Immigration is a one-stop consulting solutions for all your requirements related to the Australian Visitor Visa. In case of the visa decision, there can be two scenarios;

  • Visa Approval.
  • Visa Denied.

Australia Visa Approval:

When your visa is approved, Orbit Immigration will intimate you about:

  • When you can use the visa
  • The visa grant number
  • Any conditions attached to the visa.

Australia Visa Denied:

If the visa is not granted, we will let you know:

  • Why the visa was refused
  • Your review rights (if any). Where applicable, your sponsor can apply for the decision to be reviewed.
  • The time limit for lodging an appeal.

What this Australian Visitor visa lets you do?

With this Visa you are eligible to;

  • have a holiday or visit family and friends in Australia
  • a study in Australia for up to three months
  • work as a genuine unpaid volunteer, but only if an Australian resident would not otherwise be paid to do the work (you can be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses such as meals and accommodation).

Your obligations

You must comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws.

  • You must not work in Australia (you might be allowed to work as an unpaid volunteer).
  • You must not study or train in Australia for more than three months.
  • If you are sponsored by your family, you will need to meet the same obligations as someone who is granted this visa in the Sponsored Family stream.

No further Stay:

If you have a ‘No further stay’ condition on your visa, you cannot apply for a new visa while you are in Australia, except in extremely limited circumstances. You must leave Australia no later than the date on which your visa ends

Who can sponsor a family member?

A sponsor must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • be older than 18 years of age
  • have been settled in Australia for a reasonable period (usually more than two years).

You must also be one of the following:

  • a relative of the applicant (partner, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or the ‘step’ or adopted equivalent of any of these).
  • a relative of a person who is a member of the applicant’s family unit and who is also applying for a Visitor visa (such as the partner of your brother or sister).

Other rules for being a sponsor are as under:

  • You cannot be a sponsor for more than one person at the same time unless they are the member of the same family unit.
  • A family unit is made up of the head of the family, their partner, and their dependent children.
  • Other relatives can be included in the family unit if they are dependent on the head of the family.
  • If you have already sponsored a visitor, you should wait till the expiry of the visitor’s visa except your next sponsorship is for a member of the family unit of someone you are currently sponsoring. Moreover, the purpose of their visit to Australia is the same as of the previous applicant.
  • And the most important condition in this segment is that if you have sponsored a visitor previously and he/she did not comply with the conditions of his/her visa, You will not be able to sponsor another visitor in the same class of visa for the next Five Years.

Applying to be a sponsor

These are some of the rules deciding the pre-requisites to be a sponsor for the tourist stream of the Visitor Visa.

  • The office processing your application will ask you to provide Sponsorship for a tourist stream application if required.
  • You are not required to provide Form 1149 Application for sponsorship for Sponsored Family Visitors (223 kB PDF) for the Tourist stream unless requested.
  • As a sponsor, you must:
    • guarantee that your visitor will comply with all the conditions of their visa, including leaving Australia before their visa expires
    • take responsibility for all financial obligations to the Australian Government incurred by your visitor during their stay in Australia.

Security bond

The need for the Security Bond is decided on the case to case basis. If the security bond is required, it is intimated in writing to the applicant to provide the Security Bond.

The bond:

  • is usually between AUD5000 and AUD15 000 per person (but there is a discretion to ask for any amount)
  • must be paid in full before a final decision is to be made on the visa application
  • is refunded if your visitor leaves Australia before their visa ends and if they have complied with all visa conditions.